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-You can now Customize Your StartSkins URL! Change it from StartSkins.com/123456 to StartSkins.com/yourname!

How do I do this?

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click Settings
3. Below My Account you will see the option!
4. Insert your URL and you’re set! It will congratulate you that you now have your new StartSkins URL.

-Be sure to check out the popular Social Network widgets! You can add Twitter and Facebook directly on your homepage, without even opening a new window! Get these widgets directly on your customized StartSkins homepage!

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-Yet another widget has been added! We call this one the ‘Of the Day’ widget! This widget provides you with Fact of the Day, Joke of the Day, and Quote of the Day! Go into your Skin Builder and click the Fact icon to add the widget on your skin!

-Fun new feature has been added. Listening to some music with your MP3 widget, want to check out another skin from your gallery? Only way to change your rotating skins from your My Skins gallery is to refresh your page. Well, refresh nomore! Don’t lose your spot in your music playlist because now you can click the rotating arrows icon in the bottom right of your StartSkin to rotate your skins! One click it will change your skin without refreshing your page!

-Have you noticed the new rating system? If not, under each skin is now a five-star rating option! Check out all of the Top Rated Skins and rate your favorites today!

-Do you like your StartSkin? Support us by clicking the Like or Share buttons to the right! Spread the word!

-Add more skins to your gallery! You can add as many premade skins to your My Skins section. Don’t forget to try out the Rotate Skins feature found in the My Skins box. Check off your skins and on each refresh your skin will change up! Really fun feature to have if you have a large gallery of skins!

-Add holiday and seasonal effect to your StartSkin! If you go into your Widget tab you will now see a Christmas Lights icon! In one click you will have your holiday lights setup and ready for the holidays!

-Get all your top stories or anything at all with our all new RSS Feed Widget! Go into your Skin Builder, click the Widgets tab and you’ll find the RSS icon there! You can add your own news feed and even customize the widget itself! More additions: Twitter widget has been updated so you can see not only see the timeline tweets but you can now see your followers tweets directly on the widget!

-Well we did say we will be adding plenty of more widgets over time! Now is the time for yet another StartSkins widget! Add the Calender Widget! With this customizable widget you can view the past, present and future! Add events and even customize it with plenty of premade themes! Now you have no excuse for being late, just set up your calender widget!

-We just released a new look for your skin builder! You will see the sleek new look on the skin builder along with the other areas on your skin! Also releasing a new customizing option that allows you to customize the color and transparency of the top and bottom bars on your skin!

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-Rock on! Now open your homepage to some music with the all new Music Player Widget! Stock up on as many songs as you want and create the best playlist ever!

-Tweet, tweet! Enjoying the new widgets? Good! Add yet another widget to your homepage! Start tweeting with the new Twitter Widget! This widget can be found with the rest of the widgets in the Skin Builder.

-We are on a Widget frenzy! We have just released our latest feature, the Hulu Widget! Watch Movies and TV Shows on your homepage! Go into your Skin Builder, click the Widgets tab and add the Hulu Widget, search what you want to watch and click play!
-Another new widget has been released! Start checking your Facebook directly on your homepage with the all new Facebook Widget! Update your status, check your notifications, watch the live newsfeed and even check your messages! Go into your Skin Builder, click the Widgets tab and in one click get your new Facebook Widget!

-StartSkins is just dishing out new features left and right! More so, new widget features! We just released the Weather Widget last week, and now… Post It Notes Widget is available! Go into your Skin Builder and click the Widgets tab. There is a [+] to click to add a new note! You can customize the notes font styles, size and color along with the size and color of the note itself! Add as many notes as you want, edit them whenever you want directly on your homepage! Never forget anything when logging on to your computer again!

-We just added yet another addition to your homepage! Did you hop on your computer before going outside? Well, you might as well check the weather and now you can as soon as you open your web browser! With the new Weather Widget you can check the daily forecast for the week! It even recognizes your location and provides a map with all of the weather for each location! Go check it out in the Skin Builder, click the Widget tab and check off the Weather Widget!

-Want EVERYTHING on your homepage? Well… we’re getting there! Now you can check your email directly on your homepage! Add your Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, AOL or even setup your own Pop3 email accounts directly on your homepage!  To access your new mail box, direct your mouse to the top of your StartSkin where the links for web, images, videos, etc is located.  Click the ‘mail’ link and the mail box options will appear there!

-Do you like a skin from the gallery, but it just doesn’t fit your screen? Now you can crop or resize skins that are too small or large on your screen! Simply upload your background or select from the skin gallery and if it does not fit your screen click the Crop/Resize Background link and create the skin to fit your new homepage!

-A brand new feature has been released! Now you can easily add as many skins as you want directly from the skin gallery! Simply click the green plus sign to add the skin, all without going through the whole process of previewing, setting as your homepage and saving it from your My Skins section. Just click, click and click to save the skins you want! Wow, now that’s easy!

-Have you contributed to the StartSkins.com User Submitted Skins category? Well, if you’d like to submit your designed skins, firstly it should be a nice high quality skin. If you have that already set, save your skin into your My Skins section. From there, hover the skin you’d like to submit and click the configuration icon. Once in the skins configuration, click on the Submit to Public link. Within 24 hours you’ll either see the status changed from pending approval to either approved or denied. If approved, you will then see your skin in the User Submitted Skins category! If denied, recreate a new skin and give it another shot!

-We would like to give a special shout out to KristinaSkin for submitting such great skins! You can check them out in our User Submitted Skins section!

-Hope everybody is enjoying the new features that we have recently released! Hope it is much more easier to customize your skin with the direct search inside the skin builder for our users. Keep in mind that if you create a cool skin, you can submit it to the site to appear in the User Submitted Skins category! Just go into your My Skins area, click the configuration icon and click Publish. Please note, do not submit skins that are already placed in the skin gallery. They will be removed.

-Feature Friday! Today’s new feature… Search for your backgrounds directly inside your Skin Builder! You no longer need to search for backgrounds outside your homepage! With the ability to search the images from Google, Photobucket, Flickr and Bing you can instantly find your new background for your StartSkin! Simply type in your search, browse through the images and click it for a live preview! Want that background? Search it, click it, customize it and save it! It’s that easy!

-Ready for another huge update? We are ready to release a new feature, currently a staff favorite and hope to be a user favorite feature! The new feature we call Rotate Skins! What is it? Well, if you have a StartSkins account and have a nice gallery saved in the My Skins area, you can now rotate your skins enabling it to have a new skin appear each time you come to your homepage! We will soon be releasing this feature to the public, if you are not a member click here to register today!

-With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what other way is there to show some love with some hearts? Go to your Skin Builder and click on the Widgets tab! From there you can now Enable Hearts! Just like the falling snowflakes feature, you can now add falling hearts to your StartSkin!

-We have recently just added a new search box feature! Not only can you already adjust the logo, width and color of the search area but you can now adjust the search bar field background transparency! Set the search bar background color and using the slider, thicken the color or create it fully transparent!

-Have an idea for a future StartSkins feature? Check out our Facebook Fan Page and post up your idea and we’ll look into it! Who knows, you’re request may just be the next StartSkins.com feature!

-Once again, new feature Friday is here! We have just released a cool new effect for your StartSkin page! This feature will auto hide your top and bottom menu bars but when you move your mouse towards one of them, the bar will then reappear! Enjoy this feature and there will be much more fun customization to come!

-Wishing all of our StartSkins users a Happy New Year as 2011 is here! We will be releasing some cool new features in the upcoming weeks! Stick tight and we will keep you posted on the next feature on our Facebook Fan Page as well as our StartSkins Blog!

-Merry Christmas to all of our StartSkins users out there! Remember you can celebrate the holidays directly on your startpage with our latest feature found in the Skin Builder’s Widget tab which allows you to enable animated Christmas lights and Snowflakes!

-The countdown to the Christmas holiday is closing in, 20 more days until Christmas! Check out the Christmas Skins we offer! Seasons are changing as well, and the cold weather is already here! Decorate your homepage with some Winter Skins today!

-November is coming to an end which means tons of celebrating in the month of December. Not only is winter approaching but Christmas will slowly creep up on you before you know it! We’ll be adding more and more Winter Skins and Christmas Skins over time so get ready to deck your homepage with skins of holly, fala-lala-laaa, lala-la-laa!

-Customize the size of the search engine logos! With this new feature, you can now shrink or enlarge the search logo (ex: Google, Yahoo, etc) to whichever size you’d like! Don’t forget, if you don’t want the logo at all you can hide it as well! Just go into the skin builder and click the Search tab and all the options are right there!

-Another cool feature has been released! Rotate your text! It’s a simple and easy feature! Simply insert your text and click on the bottom left of the text box and rotate it! You can customize the color, link up your text and now rotate it too!

-Frame your pictures is a huge hit! If you haven’t heard about our latest feature, you can now frame your pictures on your StartSkin! We will also be adding more frames over time! If you have frames you’d like to see on StartSkins feel free to send them to support@startskins.com or post them on our Facebook Fan Page!

-Back to back new features for your StartSkin! Last week we released the ability to link your images and text and now we are releasing yet another feature! To get to the point, you can now frame your pictures! It’s as easy as uploading your picture and clicking Frame It! Add and remove the frame at any time, all within a click of a button! Choose from the variety of frames featuring the cool polaroid frames! Much more frames will be added over time as well! Enjoy the new feature and we already have another new feature for next week in the works!

-This weeks new feature is in! Forget about bookmarking your favorite websites! With the latest feature you can link all of your images and/or text to any website! Have fun and be creative with it, you can upload an image of your friend and link it directly to their Facebook page! Just upload and link!

-Let’s all review what you can do with your new homepage. StartSkins allows you to add backgrounds, upload images, set your favorite links, insert text, resize the search bar, customize the search button and bar background, and even add widgets. But that’s not going to be all! Tons of brand new features are in store and we’ll be releasing one new feature each week! Yes, one new feature each week! Have an idea for a new feature? Post it here!

-October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s support all of the patients fighting breast cancer by adding a Cause/Awareness Skin to your homepage!

-If you haven’t heard about the new update yet, you can now customize the search bar border! Match up the search button with the search border to match your your skin, or just go all out and create a cool and colorful skin! Try it out today!

-Looking for a new skin? Check out all of the Featured Skins including some of the hottest skins with Taylor Lautner, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Bieber and more! Guys, are you getting ready for football season? Check out our Sports Skins section and represent your team today!

-StartSkins now has its own Facebook Fan Page! Get all the recent updates and inside scoop on StartSkins.com!

-Rick Springfield, the artist behind 17 top 40 hits and over 20 million records sold, is now partnered with StartSkins! StartSkins is the only place to find Rick Springfield authorized Google skins (approved by the artist). Check out his skins in our Music/Musicians Skins category today!

-Just in! One of the hottest UK bands, JLS, now has a wide variety of JLS Skins! Startskins also wants to thank Startskins user, Rosebud1824, for submitting two of the hottest Twilight Skins! Check out their skins, Twilight Wolfpack Skin and Twilight Cullens Skin! More Twilight Skins available in the Movies/TV Skins category!

-How many skins have you created? With our Skin Builder go to the extreme and create as many homepage skins as you want! What can you do with all of these skins? Once you create your own account, you will have the ability to create, save, edit and use your created skins whenever you want! Not only can you save all your customized homepages, but you can submit them into the User Submitted Skins category for other users to set as their homepage!

-Another new feature has been released! To get straight to the point, you can now add YouTube Videos, Flash Toys and other flash widgets to your Startskins page! There has been a ‘Flash’ tab added to the skin builder where you can plug-in your flash embed code of your video, flash toy or widget. Don’t know where the flash embed code is located? Click here to check out our blog for an example of how to add a Youtube video to your homepage!
*Looking for some cool flash toys? Check out FreeCodeSource.com!

-You now have the option to rate the skins! Simply go to a skin you would like to preview and you will see a five star rating option in the top right corner. Rate the skins between 1-5 stars! All user submitted skins will show the ratings, so check back to see where your submitted skin is ranked!

-Having fun customizing your own skins? Trying to share your creations? Submit your own customized skins to the gallery now! User Submitted category features all the approved skins that were publicly submitted! Think you have what it takes to have your skin displayed on the front page? *Submit yours today!

*Don’t know how to submit your skins? Login to your account and click ‘My Skins’. Hover over the skin you want to submit and click on the Configure skin button. From there, you can ‘publish’ your skin to the gallery and await approval.

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-What’s new on StartSkins? Tons of new skins featuring all sorts of creative abstract art, sexy models, celebrities and cars! Update and customize your skin today! Remember you can customize and save as many skins as you want with our all new user account system!

-Huge updates for Startskins.com users! We’ve just released the ability to save your skins in your own skin gallery! Don’t have a user account? Sign up today to see these cool new features!

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